Ottawa Internet Exchange Closes Down link to Toronto and its POP

OTTIX, a public Internet Exchange for the National Capital Region, has
shutdown its intra-provincial link to Toronto, effectively ending its
POP services to Toronto-based peers effective June 3, 2011.

The link between Ottawa and Toronto was first informally proposed during
a BOF (Birds-of-a-feather) session at a meeting of the North American
Network Operators Group (NANOG) held in Toronto on June 10, 2002. For
some time there was thinking that perhaps the Toronto Internet Exchange
and the Ottawa Internet Exchange should inter-connect the two cities,
but the question remained whether or not this was viable in terms of
attracted Internet traffic.

Although skeptical of the link's viability, OTTIX members thought it would
be a good idea to come up with a way to provide the link and resolve the 
question once and for all.

Storm Internet Services provided the connection on a multi-year,
experimental basis to assist OTTIX to prove or disprove the notion that
such a link would ever be needed.  OTTIX then opened a trial POP at 151
Front Street to facilitate the testing of connectivity between Ottawa-based
and Toronto-based ISPs.

Through-out its time, the link proved not only popular for Toronto-based 
ISPs, it proved too popular.  By the end of its useful life, the link
between the cities proved to be too small to accommodate network traffic,
and in the interests of all its peers OTTIX it was felt that it was time 
to bring its grand experiment to a close.

The Ottawa Internet Exchange would like to single-out the following 
individuals for their generous support over the time that the link 

- Herbert Hartwig of Storm Internet Services as the technical lead for
  the link;
- Jon Nistor of the Toronto Internet Exchange for providing local support;
- Matthew Potvin of Standard Connections Limited for sponsoring the OTTIX
  POP at 151 Front Street Toronto.

In the end, OTTIX has demonstrated two key points:

- There is a demand for city-to-city traffic
- A regional Internet Exchange model such as the ones typically found
  in Europe can work in the province of Ontario.

OTTIX provides a valuable service to the Ottawa-Carleton region.  It allows
Internet users of OTTIX-enabled members to load web pages and send emails to
other OTTIX-enabled institutions with greater speed and reliability than
would otherwise be possible.  In addition, the shorter delays experienced
between OTTIX-enabled members creates an opportunity for more real-time
applications to be used, encouraging a win-win situation for OTTIX-enabled
ISP's and their customers.

Current OTTIX members include: Atria, Agriculture Canada, Canadian Internet 
Registration Authority (CIRA), Communications
Research Centre (Industry Canada), Internet Systems Consortium, National 
Research Council, Natural Resources, Ontario Research and Innovation Optical
Network (ORION), Packet Clearing House, Primus and Storm Internet Services.

OTTIX invites Internet providers, schools, colleges, universities,
government departments, large companies and any organization with
significant local presence on the Internet as either a consumer or a
provider of Internet bandwidth to join.  Information regarding membership
can be found on the OTTIX website.

OTTIX was founded in 2001 by Jacob Zack of IGS and William F. Maton of NRC.
OTTIX is an initiative to help increase speed, lower latencies and increase
reliability of local Internet use within the National Capital Region.
IGS provided the initial facilities to OTTIX. More information on OTTIX can
be obtained at

Copyright 2011 The Ottawa Internet Exchange.