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April 7, 2017

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OttIX Best Common Practices

The following sets out some guidelines and standard practices that OttIX is using in the conduct of its technical operation with regards to its members. Some of these BCP's will be superseded by others, and those will be noted as obsolete and have a pointer to the successor BCP as a result. In any case, all these BCPs will be referred to collectively by the OttIX MOU.

  • BCP 001 - Technical Guidelines for OttIX (obsoleted by BCP 007)
  • BCP 002 - Policy Regarding Circuit Installation
  • BCP 003 - Private ASN Allocations (obsoleted by BCP 005)
  • BCP 004 - The OttIX Routing Registry
  • BCP 005 - Private ASN Use
  • BCP 006 - IPv6 Peering
  • BCP 007 - Technical Guidelines for OttIX

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