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April 7, 2017

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Technical Guidelines

Last Updated: 4 January, 2013

Status: Current

These are the technical guidelines for connecting to OttIX. If there is any inconsistency here with the MOU, the MOU shall take precedence.

  1. Members must only use IP addresses on the interface of their router connected to OttIX;
  2. Members may only present a single MAC address to any individual OttIX port that is allocated to them;
  3. Members must us a unique ASN of their own.
  4. Peering will take place using BGP4;
  5. Members must disable on all intefaces attached to OttIX: Proxy ARP, ICMP redirects, CDP, IRDP, directed broadcasts, IEEE Spanning Tree, IGP broadcasts and all other MAC layer broadcasts except ARP.
  6. Members must disable on all intefaces attached to OttIX any duplex, speed, or other link parameter autosensing for 10Mb/s or 100Mb/s ports;
  7. Members must not announce the OttIX peering LAN prefix to any other provider without the express written consent of OttIX;
  8. Members must set net masks on all interfaces attached to OttIX to include the entire peering LAN;
  9. Members will not touch equipment at OttIX that does not belong them without the express written permission of the equipment owner;
  10. Members may not install sniffers to monitor traffic through OttIX, except through their own ports;
  11. Members will ensure that their usage of OttIX will not be detrimental to the usage of OttIX by other members; and
  12. Members shall not use OttIX to carry traffic between their own routers.

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