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April 7, 2017

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Application Procedure

Joining OttIX is a fairly straight-forward process. To get the ball rolling you should first contact your local-loop provider to verify that cost as well as anticipate any requirements you may need to get to the facility. Do NOT order your local-loop until after you have been approved to connect to OttIX.

Next, send the following information to peering -at-

  Organization Name:
  Organization URL:
  Router MAC Address:
  Tech Name:
  Tech Email:
  Tech Phone:
  NOC Phone:
  NOC Email:
  Peering Email:

Once approved, you'll need to download, fill-in and sign 2 copies of the MOU and return them to OttIX.

Once the information has been verified as correct, you'll be assigned IP addresses as well as route-server peering information and you can begin using OttIX. The OttIX Portal will contain contact info for other peers in the exchange should you want to make additional peering.

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