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[2017-04-07] Congratulations to Verisign as a new peer

Verisign becomes OttIX's latest peer, introducing main DNS servers and to the Ottawa Internet community. Welcome!

[2017-03-24] Ottawa Internet Exchange welcomes RIPE-NCC's top DNS server

RIPE-NCC has become the latest peer to bring more important Intenet infrastructure to the OttIX community. This brings, one of 13 'root' DNS located throughout the Internet within Ottawa's reach to improve DNS name resolution and stability.

[2017-02-22] Ottawa Internet Exchange R&D Network Visualisations

For some time now, OttIX R&D has been working on various method to depict how networks connect to it. Over the years, there also have been various efforts to create an accurate map of OttIX. For example, this depiction presents the main peers which is merely a listing of primary peers and makes for a poor network representation:

While this one represents a list of networks (members only) that are more fully representative of who really connects through OttIX:

However, this doesn't demonstrate the answer to a key question: Who is connect to the other via OttIX? We invite you to have a look via the OttIX R&D research section and explore more:

For detractors claiming that OttIX is stagnant, their argument is pointing at the wrong place: One could very handily, with the evidence presented here, argue that Ottawa's economic development and thinking is stagnant instead. Why is it not exploring this potential market? Or do we simply keep ourselves to ourselves?

Folks can discuss these and other issues by subscribing to ottix-discussion at by sending an email to majordomo at with the body 'subscribe ottix-discussion'.

[2017-02-10] Ottawa Internet Exchange Town Hall - OttIX not included

As some may be aware, CIRA has launched a number of Internet Exchange efforts throughout the Canada to varying degrees of success. In a couple of cases, CIRA's efforts come late to the party, namely OttIX and TorIX, located in Ottawa and Toronto, respectively.

For a couple of years, CIRA has shown interest in Ottawa and in OttIX in particular, perhaps because it is literally in its own backyard in the form of 'helping" it. Unfortunately, ensuing discussions evolved into something more forceful, namely some staffer's views and vision of how to do things that aren't congruent with market reality or an understanding of their own landscape. This also ignores the collaborative approach that started with the 'stone soup' parable, where every peer to the IXP brings something that creates value for all to share in in this community. It is a bazaar-style approach to the CIRA cathedral-style approach.

CIRA staff have made certain inappropriate assertions in public about OttIX without evidence to support them:

OttIX is stagnant.
This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the market which OttIX currently finds itself in: Ottawa is a comparatively small city and OttIX has grown to the size of its market. To grow OttIX would imply a vibrant ISP environment that values a local IXP - a market that has seen two mass consolidations over the past 17 years. A market that went from more than 25 independent ISPs to a mere handful.

Moreover, nearly 400 000 devices are interconnected through OttIX in a city having a regional population of less than 1 million. It therefore beggars belief to call that stagnant - what is clearly stagnant is the seeming inability for Ottawa to take advantage of potential economic development already under its very nose.

No support from CIRA has made this happen. It simply just is by virtue of OttIX's existence.

However, it was learned that growing as a regional IXP for Eastern Ontario makes perfect sense but this advice has been ignored by CIRA but not lost on TorIX. So the potential for growth beyond the limits of Ottawa is there.

Location, location, location.
The implication is that OttIX is not properly situated. This in-of-itself is a largely meaningless statement. In it's history, OttIX grew to 5 POPs across the city and even had a presence in Toronto so expanding into locations largely sponsored by its members isn't a problem. However, having a laundry list of POPs with few to no peers connected is costly to maintain in such a small market.

Ottawa is a notoriously difficult city for some larger, non-telco ISPs to operate due to the lack of neutral facilities or more properly, facilities that can remain neutral (founders may elect to sell their neutral facility to a telco or other org which then starts placing access constraints). The reality: the best location is within the downtown core, which has a fibre-rich and diverse environment, even if in a non-neutral facility. So while a neutral data centre is something nice to have, OttIX has found that has not been a necessity to operate successfully over the years.

Also, OttIX's experiences with prior relocation of its infratructure proved destructive through loss of peers - yet another point CIRA's people glosses over. Ironically, the loss of peers evetually translated into more ISP market consolidation and those former peers' customers were once again connected to OttIX.

At this juncture, construction of a second POP in the city of Ottawa let alone relocating OttIX makes no real sense unless as part of larger telecom diversification plan with more independent and incumbent ISPs got into the market and willing to peer with each other.

Statements made such as those above especially when CIRA is neither officially or unofficially contracted to speak on OttIX's behalf can be construed to be damaging to its reputation. Especially when made publicly over the course of time these statements can be taken to be true therefore denying potential future business for the IX - be it OttIX or any other IXP. Clearly CIRA's intentions are conflicted which naturally puts into question its credibility.

Furthermore 2 points: CIRA seems to believe it has a solution in attempting to displace OttIX with its own IXP without really studying the environment or, more importantly, whether their solution is demonstrated to be irrefutably better than what it is setting out to replace; and, it also demonstrates a disrespect towards the founders and the people invested in driving OttIX forward over the last 15 years.

In summary, CIRA's assertions and subsequent discussions with OttIX and without it have proved that CIRA is clearly not supportive of OttIX unless it has control in some way to push the CIRA agenda, not either the OttIX one or a community one.

[2017-01-24] OttIX completes agreement to host Verisign's DNS

OttIX has signed an agreement with Verisign Inc. to deploy a single DNS server cloud which hosts the and DNS servers, through the Regional Internet Resolution Sites program.

[2016-06-30] OttIX Announces End-of-Life for 100Mb/s ports

In keeping with its long-term plans and falling demands, OttIX will no longer support peers running at 100Mb/s as of July 1, 2017. Peers will be given a three month grace period after that date to migrate their peering ports accordingly.

[2016-04-05] OttIX successfully Completes DITL 2016 Participation

OttIX Lab's committment to DNS reseachers continues by contributing AS112 DNS data to the DNS-OARC folks. Over a 2-day collection period was used as requested by the research community to analyse this snapshot of traffic. Among the research work expected to be carried out are inferrences made into the nature of networks using DNS.

[2016-02-02] anycast node now at OttIX

OttIX signed an agreement with ICANN to sponsor an anycast instance (or, a clone) of one of the 13 root DNS servers, L. This adds to OttIX's installed base of critical Internet infrastructure to reinforce its security architecture and the architecture of the local Ottawa Internet.

[2015-10-30] OttIX Announces News peering with GigaNews

OttIX's USENet news server, open to any members, now peers with GigaNews, one of the Internet's largest USENet news providers.

[2015-04-13] OttIX successfully Completes DITL 2015 Participation

As part of its commitment to delivering sample traces of DNS traffic to the Intenet and DNS research communities, OttIX has completed its contribution of data to DITL pertaining to its AS112 DNS node.

[2014-10-06] Launch of new FTP service for members

OttIX is pleased to announce the launching of a new resource, a local software repository of open-sourse software and operating systems. The resource is being made available under various protocols and methods to better promote the localisation of traffic in the greater Ottawa area. More details are provided on the resources page.

[2014-09-03] OttIX Converts to new Not-for-profit Act

OttIX received notification today that its application to continue under the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act was accepted. This allows OttIX to continue to function as a federally incorporated not-for-profit under a modern set of rules established for charities and non-profits.

[2014-04-18] OttIX successfully Completes DITL 2014 Participation

The Ottawa Internet Exchange, as part of its beneficial member status with the DNS Operations and Research Center (DNS-OARC), today completed a successful contribution to DNS research efforts. The DITL, or Day-in-the-Life event is an effort to study a sampling of DNS traffic to obtain information on its behaviour and effect on top-level DNS servers world-wide. OttIX's contribution to the effort consists of submitting data captured from it AS112 DNS node. For more information about DITL, view this year's event and a good overview is also to be found.

[2013-08-28] OttIX completes upgrades to new switching platform

Today the Ottawa Internet Exchange completed its migration to a new switching platform. As of August 28, 2013, the old Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch was decommissioned from service and powered off for the very last time. The migration from it allows OttIX to expand its service offering to include 96 10Gb/s ports, each capable of running from 1Gb/s, or bundles of 1Gb/s to 10Gb/s including bundles of 10Gb/s. The upgrades also see the increase in switching capacity from 256Gb/s to a maximum of 550Gb/s per slot or 7Tb/s maximum on the chassis.

In addition, this saw the previous and successful migration away from the old route servers to a new set of route servers and border gateway routers.

The old equipment is now to be re-purposed to house other OttIX services planned for the fourth quarter of this year. Stay tuned!

[2013-05-30] OttIX successfully Completes DITL 2013 Participation

The Ottawa Internet Exchange, as part of its beneficial member status with the DNS Operations and Research Center (DNS-OARC), today completed a successful contribution to DNS research efforts. The DITL, or Day-in-the-Life event is an effort to study a sampling of DNS traffic to obtain information on its behaviour and effect on top-level DNS servers world-wide. OttIX's contribution to the effort consists of submitting data captured from it AS112 DNS node. For more information about DITL, view this year's event and an overview at CAIDA's web page.

[2013-04-03] OttIX becomes a member of the EuroIX

Today the Ottawa Internet Exchange became the first Canadian member IXP to join European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX), a consortium of European Internet exchange points. OttIX joined through the remote membership category, which will allow it to mingle and participate with European (as well as other remote participants in Africa and Latin America) IXs in discussions and conferences from afar and benefit from the wealth of experience it and its members have to offer. For its part, OttIX can contribute its view of the Canadian IX lanscape as it has evolved over the past decade and into the future, as well as share in-house developed tools and expertise.

[2012-10-11] OttIX Upgrades switch fabric capacity to 256Gb/s

The Ottawa Internet Exchange upgraded it's switching cpacity to 256Gb/s, up from 8Gb/s today. The upgrade ensures future upgrade paths such as multiple 10Gb/s ports as well as the additional capacity of 16 1Gb/s ethernet ports. The additional expansion reflects the evolving nature of the use of OttIX as more than just a simple IX to that which carries increasing amounts of VOIP and research traffic.

[2012-10-05] CANARIE are the newest OttIX Peer and Member

CANARIE, is Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network, has connected their corporate offices to the Ottawa Internet Exchange, recognising the benefit of lower latencies that an IX brings.

[2012-04-19] OttIX successfully Completes 2012 DITL Participation

The Ottawa Internet Exchange, as part of its beneficial member status with the DNS Operations and Research Center (DNS-OARC), today completed a successful contribution to DNS research efforts. The DITL, or Day-in-the-Life event is an effort to study a sampling of DNS traffic to obtain information on its behaviour and effect on top-level DNS servers world-wide. OttIX's contribution to the effort consists of submitting data captured from it AS112 DNS node. For more information about DITL, view this year's event and an overview at CAIDA's web page.

[2011-05-03] OttIX Announces closure of Toronto-based POP and intra-provincial link shutdown

The Ottawa Internet Exchange has decided to shutdown the experimental link it has between Toronto, where its 151 Front Street POP is located, and its Ottawa POP, effective June 3, 2011. More information can be found here.

[2011-04-16] OttIX successfully Completes DITL Participation

The Ottawa Internet Exchange, as part of its beneficial member status with the DNS Operations and Research Center (DNS-OARC), today completed a successful contribution to DNS research efforts. The DITL, or Day-in-the-Life event is an effort to study a sampling of DNS traffic to obtain information on its behaviour and effect on top-level DNS servers world-wide. OttIX's contribution to the effort consists of submitting data captured from it AS112 DNS node. For more information about DITL, view this year's event and an overview at CAIDA's web page.

[2011-03-27] OttIX Participates in World IPv6 Day

The Ottawa Internet Exchange is pleased to announce its participation in World IPv6 Day. This ISOC-sponsored event is being used to promote awareness of the next generation Internet protocol, IPv6.

IPv6 has a number of features over the current IPv4 protocol that the Internet still uses, such as:

  • Larger address space, so that poor technology kludges such as NAT can be avoided.
  • Auto-confugration of network devices, which is built into the protocol instead of relying on external applications to permit a host to connect to an IPv6-enabled address and commence communication immediately.
  • The option to use the built-in features of encryption.
  • And many more.

OttIX itself has long used IPv6 in its support systems and has been supporting IPv6 within the Internet exchange fabric for an even longer period of time. OttIX encourages and enables its members to deploy IPv6 by adhering to its protocol-neutral stance.

[2010-02-08] OttIX Announces DNSSEC Deployment

As part of its commitment to be a good networking and DNS citizen, the Ottawa Internet Exchange has deployed DNSSEC in several of its DNS zones. DNSSEC is a security extension to the DNS that protects DNS servers from certain attacks such as cache poisoning. Also, the DNS domain's files contain keys which help with the authentication of DNS data. In concert with DNSSEC, OttIX is also using the ISC's DLV registry which enables early adoption of DNSSEC on the Internet.

[2010-01-09] OttIX Announces Upgrades to Switching Fabric

The Ottawa Internet Exchange has upgraded the main switching fabric. The old platform consisted of a lower capacity and chassis with a smaller engine, but this has now been upgraded to a larger chassis with a larger engine to accomodate growth (from 4 1Gb/s ports free to 12). The engine also allows OttIX to implement performance and analysis tools for peers, including visualisations of Internet traffic across the IX.

[2009-12-03] OttIX Becomes a Beneficial member of the DNS OARC

The Ottawa Internet Exchange is proud to announce the signing and approval of a membership agreement with the DNS-OARC. The DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center (DNS-OARC) is a not-for-profit organization concerned with bringing together anyone involved in one of the Internet's most key pieces of infrastructure, the DNS. As a custodian of one of many AS112 nodes (See AS112) servers in operation, joining the DNS-OARC as a Beneficial member simply makes sense.

Research done through the DNS-OARC enables it to further understand the dynamics of DNS traffic, which can include the analysis of anomalies that usually signal an attack in the Internet of some kind. It is hoped that data coraled from different AS112 nodes around the world will help to aid in this endeavour.

[2009-11-01] OttIX Completes switch fabric expansion

The Ottawa Internet Exchange has deployed a second 8-port gigabit ethernet linecard and a new 48-port 10/100 RJ-45 ethernet linecard to accommodate future growth and higher capacity. The additional ports also allow OttIX to consolidate equipment such as seperate switches and integrate them into a common platform, which takes the switching capacity from 8Gb/s to a potential 32Gb/s and beyond.

[2009-09-30] OttIX Members Meeting, 2009

The Ottawa Internet Exchange will be holding a meeting on Oct 30 2009 to bring members up to date on the year's past events and status of the IX. Further details will be posted to the OttIX members mailing list.

[2009-08-14] OttIX DNSSEC Enabled Zones

As part of its mandate "to improve the Ottawa Internet", OttIX has deployed DNSSEC-enabled DNS servers to improve the security and authority of OttIX domains as part of a larger effort on the Internet to do the same.

[2009-07-23] OttIX Announces Seaside Communications as new member

Seaside joined today through the OttIX switch fabric located at 151 Front Street.

[2009-07-22] OttIX Announces Clear Cable as new member

Clear Cable joined today at 100Mb/s through the OttIX switch fabric located at 151 Front Street.

[2009-04-17] Packet Clearing House co-locates and establishes peering

Packet Clearing House, an operator of an anycast cloud of servers carrying ccTLD and root DNS servers, today co-located an OttIX-specific cluster and established peering with the OttIX route servers. This cluster will strengthen Internet infrastructure in the OttIX-connected Ottawa area by making available these locally-reachable DNS systems in the event that the master DNS systems located far off in the Internet become unavailable. On the flip-side, they will also attract local attempts to launch distant denial-of-service attacks against those same distant master DNS servers.

[2008-10-28] OttIX Members meeting

OttIX will be holding a members meeting on Oct 28, 2008. Details to follow.

[2008-01-17] OttIX Announces TekSavvy Communications as new member

TekSavvy joined today at 100Mb/s through the OttIX switch fabric located at 151 Front Street.

[2008-01-07] OttIX Announces Nexicom as new member

Nexicom has joined OttIX as a member through its connection at 151 Front Street. The link is over a 100Mb/s port at present and is the first such connection to bring in an ISP from the Greater Toronto Area.

[2007-09-19] OttIX Members meeting

Michael Richardson of XDS Canada plays host to October's OttIX Members meeting to be held at 265 Carling, suite 203 at 9:30AM.

[2006-09-16] OttIX Announces new site for peers

OttIX's newest presence for the Ottawa area is now at 250 Albert Street, Suite 205. Prospective members are encouraged to contact peering -at- for connection info and co-ordination.

[2006-02-06] OttIX Announces Moratorium on further connections

OttIX advises that prospective members should not place circuit orders for the 102 Bank street POP due to its shutdown and migration as of Feb 28, 2006.

[2006-02-01] OttIX Members Meeting Feb 1, 2006

OttIX members will be meeting on February 1, 2006 at 2PM, at the National Research Council for an update on OttIX operations and the shutdown of the 102 Bank street POP.

[2004-08-30] OttIX Members Meeting Sept 3, 2004

OttIX members will be meeting on September 3, 2004 at 6PM, at IGS for an update on OttIX operations and other items of interest to the membership.

[2004-06-30] Telecom Ottawa Ltd. joins OttIX

Today Telecom Ottawa Ltd. joined OttIX by activating its 1Gb/s link and BGP peering. Telecom Ottawa brings such luminary organizations such as the Bank of Canada, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University to the OttIX community, helping to strengthen the Ottawa-area Internet.

[2003-11-17] Magma Communication Ltd. joins OttIX

Magma Communication Ltd. joined OttIX today by hooking up and activating its 100Mb/s link to the OttIX switch fabric.

[2003-10-17] OttIX deploys USENET news server

Today OttIX deployed its first USENET news server, designed to assist OttIX member ISPs to deliver timely news postings to their customers. The server uses the Internet Software Consortium's INN news server product, which is capable of feeding news using IPv6 as well as IPv4.

[2003-10-8] Storm Internet joins OttIX!

Storm Internet has joined OttIX. Read more about it at Storm's web site.

[2003-07-18] OttIX cross-connects with the Federal GigaPOP

Today the Ottawa Internet Exchange completed work to peer with the Federal GigaPOP. The Federal GigaPOP is one of several nodes in Canada connecting its research users to Canada's advanced research network, CA*Net 4. The Federal GigaPOP has as some of its peers the National Research Council and ORANO.

[2003-04-25] OttIX establishes first IPv6 peer

The first IPv6 packets traversed the OTTIX switch at 17:13 on April 24 with the establishment of a native IPv6 BGP peering session between the OTTIX route servers and Cooperix.

[2003-04-24] OttIX Deploys IPv6

OttIX is pleased to announce the phased deployment of IPv6 BGP peering, starting with Route Server 2. IPv6 is the Internet's next generation Internet Protocol, designed with features that have been regarded as add-ons to IPv4, such as IPSec, end-station autoconfig and the like. OttIX Members will be assigned an IPv6 address so that they may start peering with each other and start exchanging IPv6 traffic. The OttIX web site is slated to be reachable via IPv6 in the following weeks.

[2003-04-02] OttIX Announces AdUni website Preview

OttIX is pleased to announce that it has a acquired the web content of AdUni, thanks to the efforts of Stanislov Vardomskiy. "The goal of ArsDigita University was to offer the world's best computer science education, at an undergraduate level, to people who were otherwise unable to obtain it. is now a site run by alumni of the school seeking to carry on that mission." The OttIX version is located at and has been modified for OttIX members to use. The site is complete with large Real-format files, whose location is perfect for an IX.

[2003-02-05] Cooperix connects to OttIX

Cooperix joins OttIX.

[2002-11-27] OttIX members meeting hosted by the University of Ottawa

OttIX held its second members meeting today to discuss happennings at OttIX, including OttIX's incorporation as a Federal not-for-profit and the rollout of a new central server to house the OttIX Network Information Centre web site. Also discussed was the addition of a second route server, increasing the resiliency of OttIX's routing service for its members.

[2002-11-11] National Research Council connects to OttIX through EDUNet

Today the National Research Council activated a BGP session through EDUNet, thanks to the assistance of Cyberus.

[2002-08-12] OttIX announces New Home

OTTIX has announced it's new home after several weeks of deliberations. Read all about it in the joint Cyberus-OttIX Press Release.

[2002-02-08] OttIX Installs Route Server!

OTTIX installed a new route server today in a bid to ease the burden on its's member ISP's router configurations. This will also make it much easier for any new OTTIX meembers to join since they will have just one source of OTTIX routes: The route server. The BGP table for the OTTIX route server can be view at NRC's Route Views Project, by telnetting to and executing the command show ip bgp regex.

[2001-08-22] OTTIX becomes an Akamai Accelerated Network Partner!

OTTIX has forged a relationship with Akamai Technologies, the leading provider of distributed application and content delivery. OTTIX member networks will benefit from enhanced reliability and faster downloads from thousands of the world's leading web sites.

[2001-07-20] First members meeting held!

The OTTIX members met today to discuss the future of the OTTIX organization. Topics included services provided/shared by OTTIX peers, Akamai and other similar rich media cache services, and a promotional campaign to raise awareness of OTTIX amongst the general public.

[2001-06-08] Travel-Net establishes connection!

Travel-Net Communications Inc. has established a connection to OTTIX. With 5 Ottawa-area networks connected, the effectiveness of OTTIX is growing exponentially with each new member.

[2001-06-05] OTTIX celebrates new peers!

After clearing a few hurdles with our DSLAM equipment, OTTIX now has 2 additional members! IStop Internet and Cyberus Online have established a connection into the OTTIX switch, and are now routing traffic.

[2001-05-08] OTTIX routing traffic!

We are pleased to announce that OTTIX is now routing traffic. Information Gateway Services (IGS) and Communications Research Centre (CRC) are the first to establish a peering agreement, and are now exchanging traffic through the OTTIX switch.

[2001-03-28] OTTIX Inaugural Meeting!

Our inaugural meeting was a great success. A copy of the presentation can be found in PDF format here (PDF 40K). The meeting was quite productive, with many attendees bringing useful ideas to the table.

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