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April 7, 2017

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The OttIX (Ottawa Internet eXchange) has been formed with the sole intention of bringing Internet service providers, large corporate entities, and educational facilities in the Ottawa area closer together. By doing so, we can strengthen the Internet community while providing a mutually beneficial and free public peering point for all local Internet traffic. Are You OttIX Connected?. If not, ask your ISP about it. OttIX runs both IPv6 and IPv4.

Here is a video describing what an Internet Exchange (IX) is, produced by EuroIX. Disponible en Français aussi par France IX Disponable en Españl aqui por la C?ara Argentina de Internet

Currently, nearly all Internet traffic in Ottawa is back-hauled through Toronto or Montreal (and in many cases, on through to the US before coming back to Canada). In such a situation, Ottawa « - » Toronto bandwidth is too valuable a resource to needlessly waste on same-city Internet traffic. Finally, however, we can avoid this senseless waste of resources by having networks in Ottawa connect directly with each other.

This benefits Internet-connected entities in several ways:

  1. Most Internet transit through large backbone providers (UUNet, Sprint, AT&T, Bell) can be quite costly. By utilizing a single-point public peering situation, transit costs can be greatly reduced, as the more expensive transit bandwidth can be spared;

  2. Networks will be closer together. In the typical situation, these circuits will be less saturated than a network's primary uplinks. This will provide all parties concerned with faster, more constant transfer rates;

  3. The addition of a connection to OttIX can make any entity more stable. It provides for the capability to continue functioning fully to Ottawa-based sites when other traffic routing or network issues arise; and,

  4. In this instance, communications between entities through OttIX never leaves the country, not subjecting communications to laws of another country.

Architecturally, OttIX is a distributed layer-2 IPv4 multicast and unicast IX, as well as an IPv6 multicast and unicast IX. Any peer that wishes to use either protocol or all four, is welcome to do so.

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